Professional Services

We Offer a Full Selection of Premium Services

At Zen Mob, we believe that no aspect of a book is arbitrary. The art is the entire package. With this belief in mind we have developed resources and abilities that allow us to offer our expertise to clients in literally every stage of book production. Even if you aren't publishing with Zen Mob, you can still take advantage of our other services in creating a well rounded, aesthetically pleasing manuscript/story/book. Contact us today. We are excited to work with you.


Zen Mob is always on the lookout for new and exciting works of fiction and poetry. As writers ourselves we heard lines very similar to this in shopping fiction around to publishers in the past. But time and time again we came across publishers claiming to be looking for ‘new and exciting writers’ who were in-fact publishing run of the mill, typical easy consumer books. Zen Mob is not looking for the typical. We want things that inspire passion in the reader at the sentence level, stories that challenge conventions, stories that defy categorization.

We offer fair and reasonable author contracts (such as you retaining most rights), and welcome authors to participate in the process as much or as little as they desire (everything from you bringing your own cover, to simply handing a manuscript over to us and letting Zen Mob take it from there). In a genuine attempt at co-partnership, Zen Mob wants to help you have your unique voice heard.


Here at Zen Mob we have over 16 years of combined academic editing experience, as well as over 5 years industry copyediting experience. Our editing services come in several packages. Whether you are looking for comments, feedback and suggestions in terms of narrative and story structure, or simple grammar and spelling edits; Zen Mob has you covered.

Book & Cover Design

They say to not judge a book by its cover. But let's be honest; far more often than not a cover is our first exposure, and therefore our first impression, of a book. No single element of a book is more catching to average browsers than the cover design. Your prose can be world changing, but if they are wrapped in a boring, uninspired, or unpleasant cover no one will pick them up or click on them. Readers have more options than are countable of things to read today, things to give their time to. We are bombarded by media. How are you going to get someone's attention as they scroll Amazon? Zen Mob’s technical abilities and aesthetic sense make our covers eye catching, beautiful and appealing.

A book is not just a cover and words though. We feel a deep passion for books at Zen Mob. We feel they are works of art themselves. Simple formatting required for printing can be time consuming enough without adding in focus on fonts, chapter headings, and page layout. Let us help you get your book looking as beautiful as possible with full book design packages.

Branding, Marketing, Web and Print Design

We're aggressively passionate about identity, design, and creative expression; there's no denying that. If you've never really given any thought to who you are, how can you expect your audience to identify with you? We've got the design resources and the development talent necessary to craft you a cohesive, recognizable brand and stand it up alongside a fully custom website! Not only do we offer robust, industry-standards compliant web solutions, but we've got you covered on all fronts: from branding and logo design, email templates, and marketing to print media of all sorts.