Terra Australis

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Terra is a land of mystery and enchantment, with shadowed forests and rhino castles. It's a ride into another world, a look at the things we really value.

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Stories Sung in Starstuff v.1

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The debut release by author Cody Higgins is a collection of beautiful short stories about love, loss, adventure and learning through life's darker moments. At times gruesome, and others gorgeously sentimental; stories v.1 is an emotional thrill-ride guaranteed to have audiences questioning literary traditions and common notions of identity.

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Welcome to Zen Mob Publishing

Hello! Hello!
And greetings.
Come in, take a seat,
relax those restless feet,
there's but a few folks I'd like you to meet.

But first, well first…
we are Zen Mob Publishing.
Who is Zen Mob, you may ask,
and it's very simple, but not just such a simple task.
We are the bizarre.
We are the social and cultural heretics,
riding this spinning star

A category of people and things, it seems,
passionately unable to follow trends,
like mice with tails with no ends,
trees standing still in heavy breeze,
like books written from back to front,
legs that don't just bend at the knees.
We are the peace of organic identity,
the type they don't sell on T.V..
We are whispers in violent storms.
And screams in the dead of night for a few.
We are, even, as it turns out, potentially you.
It has started here, with the work of just 2,
(though not to overlook the support of those who have our backs),
and here we are, several butchers with an ax.

We are writers and editors and readers and thinkers.
Not like those other publishers,
looking for creative folks only to tell them how to do.
What to be.
Zen Mob knows what we are, doesn't need
And finding others,
so confident in their voice,
is our mission.
What Zen Mob wants is the same as any,
to embrace our passions with many,
like connecting the dots in the sky,
or teaching a fly to fly.

So come along for the ride,
we have such grand sights to show,
very many things we've never seen,
Mobs to get to know.
Just remember not to be shy,
and if you have the chance, to say hello.

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